Congress has passed the Cares Act. (link below to full text)

  There are many items that could affect you and I will be crafting a longer analysis of items that may impact you and those you know.  Here are some highlights:

1) Individuals making under $75k AGI in 2019 will received $1,200 payment, married couples under $150k will receive $2,400.  An additional $500 for each qualified child.

2) Elimination of 10% early withdrawal penalty for distributions from retirement accounts related to the Corona Virus.  Can be repaid back into the retirement accounts over 3 years.  Income tax may be spread over 3 years as well.

3) It appears all RMD’s from retirement and beneficiary IRA’s have been suspended.  It also appears you can give back distributions taken already this.  I will be confirming these details.

4) Unemployment increased $600 over normal state unemployment.  Benefits available without waiting the normal 1 week period.

5) Additional benefits for small businesses such as loans at maximum 4% interest, potential tax credit, and potential deferring of payroll taxes.

For those looking for additional reading, the best resource I have found so far is here:

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Steve Reh