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Unique Solutions for Unique Needs

We provide unique solutions and insights customized to those needs because you are uniquely human, your financial situation uniquely yours.

Working with us, we’ll identify and clarify your needs and goals, finding action-based solutions that save time and effort and reduce anxiety.

In addition to Investment Management our services frequently include:

Retirement Planning and Cash Flow Analysis

modeling cash flow for life goals.

Net Worth Planning and Analysis

a dynamic assessment of your financial life.

Estate and Gift Planning

contingency and multi-generational perspectives.

Asset Protection Review

protecting your growing assets with adequate insurance.

Education Planning

planning for your child or grandchild’s education.

Tax Planning

working with your CPA or tax preparer to grow your net worth.

We know everyone has different financial situations. We’re all unique.

The solutions we provide focus decades of investment management, leading edge technological solutions, unique fiduciary insights and financial planning towards what’s important to and uniquely you.

Getting Started

Are you looking to build your net worth? Understand property ownership and insurance coverage details? Everyone’s financial planning and investment needs are unique. Our initial step is a meeting to figure out where we start, and what’s important for you. If you’re energized, engaging and enthusiastic, we’ll get started.

Gaining Clarity

We’ll get acquainted, determine a cadence for your efforts and devise a plan. Identifying the assets we’ll manage we get a clear picture of goals and your risk appetite. We’ll evaluate overall fit and start working through streamlined intake documents.

Documenting Information

We’ll gather information throughout the process, making your life easier and your financial documentation more comprehensive and complete. It’s a critical but not overwhelming process. Our philosophy is to make our client’s lives more trouble free

Assessing and Advising

There’s a flexibility to the process, because everyone’s needs are unique. One thing our clients do have in common is that we make their investment management as painless as possible. The uniqueness of your investment needs does require some exploration. The better overall picture we have, the better our financial plan and outcomes. We’ll understand and advise based on your appetite for risk, your assets, behavior and overall goals.

Communicating Effectively

There are options for all types of investors and professionals. We work with impending retirees, small business owners and high-net-worth executives. We understand a thing or two about demanding and variable schedules. If you’re pressed for time, we’re happy to meet your communications needs, conveniently via email, phone, video conference or secure chat. Our aim is to reduce stress and provide support for the busy lives of clients.

What does it cost?

Invest with Steve charges a percentage of assets under management (AUM), with a minimum AUM of $500,000. Financial Planning services are provided for clients with assets under management. These services are customized to meet the unique needs of each client. Financial Planning fees are also waived for the parents and children of existing clients. Investment supervisory service fees are billed and payable quarterly based on balances at the end of each quarterly billing cycle for the past quarter. Advisory fees are negotiable, at the advisors sole discretion, and determined by type and complexity associated with the level of administration requested, directly or assumed, by the client. Fees are generally based on the following annual fee schedule and agreed upon at initiation of a service agreement.
Assets Under Management
Annual Advisory Fee
$0 – $500,000
$500,001 – $1,000,000
$1,000,001 – $2,000,000
$2,000,000 and Above

More Than Investment Management

Our clients are often excited as much by our problem solving, planning and financial solutions, as they are results in markets. It is financial planning and education which often makes a tangible difference in our clients’ lives. Life and Estate Planning through Invest with Steve comes as a value added service for clients with minimum assets under management.

The Invest with Steve philosophy is simple and effective.

It stems from a deep understanding and comprehensive academic insights. We use tested, tried and academically supported approaches to investments. We are not trendy or fad-based. We never attempt to game or time the markets. We value your appetite for risk.

Our goal is to empower, and create simple, action-oriented steps that lead to larger success. We are in it for the duration, but plan for incremental success.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional and CFA® charterholder we establish clear expectations and promote understanding for clients around timing and the inevitable nature of the market. With relatively basic investments, clients have a clear understanding of what they’re getting into, for more complex situations, we tackle these complexities one step at a time, simply and effectively.

Clarity and confidence to make informed financial decisions.

We reduce headaches and provide clarity through simple solutions crafted just for you.

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