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We believe in making investing and financial planning easy.

This philosophy, and the belief in flexible, strategic delivery, comes from years working with the investment portfolios of busy corporate executives – the leaders of global enterprise – clients who required and expected unrivaled levels of quality service and support.

We have a simple but effective approach to investment management and client service.

We gather detailed information in the course of our discussions, so we don’t request the same details from clients repeatedly. We work smart, relieving client burden and making financial management as painless and easy as possible. We use technology to gain insights and streamline processes. Our strategies reduce burdens, save time and decrease the complexity of successful investment management.

Individualized Plans, Quality Service

Clients invest with Steve for Asset Management expertise and find true value in the quality service and individualized financial planning.

Since 2010, Invest with Steve has provided quality asset management and fiduciary services. Successful, happy and engaged clients have come to Invest with Steve for asset management services and have stayed for the exceptional, personalized financial planning and nearly two decades of investing expertise.

The culture at Invest with Steve is one of engagement and enthusiasm. We’re confident in your capacity for financial success as much as ours.

For personalized investment management and financial planning solutions, Invest with Steve.


Steve's Story

The Invest with Steve team goes beyond usual levels of customer service, with every client relationship. We remove headaches, listening, clarifying and understanding needs to address immediate obstacles to your investment success. We focus on what’s important to you and meet you where you are in your asset management, goals and financial lives. We provide incremental and iterative solutions for bigger picture perspectives and success.

Stephen Reh, founder of Invest with Steve, has been engaged in financial planning, investing and wealth management for nearly twenty years. He started his fee-only fiduciary firm in 2010, to provide comprehensive, personalized and objective advice to clients. He has an MBA from the University of California, Irvine, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional and CFA® charterholder. His depth of knowledge and experience exceeds many of the usual and customary offerings of other investment management firms.

The fee-only fiduciary model, comprehensive training and extensive experience ensures that clients get unbiased, objective advice on their most pressing and important financial concerns. Steve and his team are obligated and honored to serve the best interests of clients, free of entanglements. Our expectations and our fees are plain and clear and our approach effective and objective


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Our expectations and our fees are plain and clear and our approach effective and objective.

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