I thought I would post up a quick posting on when you should update your will or trust:

  1. If you move to a new state – you should see if it requires updated estate planning documents
  2. If you Get Married or Divorced – You might need an estate planning update
  3. If you have a new child – you might need an update to your estate plan
  4. If the law has changed or there is a significant change in financial circumstances you might need an update.
  5. If you want to change beneficiaries or guardians or trustee

The tricky one is #4, so in general if you have not met with an estate planning attourney in several years, it would likely be a good idea to schedule a meeting and determine if you are due for an update.

** The information on this website is intended only for informational purposes. Investors should not act upon any of the information here without performing their own due diligence. Reh Wealth Advisor clients should discuss with their advisor if any action is appropriate.